Based and made in Sweden

Hey! My name is Marta and I’m the creator of El Camello.
This is a small creative company located in Sweden where I design and sell 60’s & 70’s rock, psychedelic and vintage culture inspired graphic tees, accessories and prints.


Wide range of graphic services

Do you need a cover for your album, merch for your band, a logo for your business?
I offer a wide range of graphic services: design, illustration, photography and web. I can take care of everything from a logo to a complete project.


Ethically & sustainably made

I do not only operate with a purely aesthetic concept, I believe that it is possible to create designs and garments following moral and sustainable values. I would like to raise awareness about a more responsible consumption: buy much less and buy much better.

All the t-shirts I sell are printed in small batches in Sweden. If you shop at El Camello you are supporting a fair and ethical movement.

Thank you for your visit!